Totally beachin’

Come on, just a little peck.

Honored and thrilled to be named one of Thrillist’s DC Instagrams to follow for serious food p*rn! 

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So much happy right now. Probably smiled at everyone on South Washington Street.

Every night upon returning home from work I put up my hair before getting ready for bed. Later, after I close my laptop, put aside my phone, and turn off the light, I let my hair down before settling down to sleep. There is a constant cycle of transferring hair clips from one end of the bed to the other: headboard = start my day, footboard = go to bed.

Just a little mundane for your Monday.

Check it, your girl made it into Washington Life magazine

Sunday is my fun day!

Sylvan Esso at The Howard Theater! Too good.

Last night at DBGB’s grand opening party. Got to see the plate that I painted, ummmm, that Chef Armstrong painted. Delicious delicious delicious food, which is actually kind of rare at these events, but it’s Chef Daniel Boulud so it makes sense. That head cheese and the anchoiade…the stuff of dreams.

Miss Joy of Mornings Like These is my new partner in crime! I haven’t lost my main PR darling, Joy is joining our team in preparation for Jennie leaving in November for maternity leave.