Catching up with Semenov

Sure, I work in a restaurant, five of them in fact. None of them have Chinese food, however, so I bought some for everyone. GENERAL TSO’S FOR ALL!


vina is the Special Forces of friendship.


Anonymous asked: Hello, I just searched tumblr for posts on NMSN. I see you were on the panel as a speaker a while ago. I just joined the NMSN today. Are you an active member and do you feel it was worth the cost to join? What have you gained and how do you recommend I get the most out of the network?

Hello! Though I have spoken twice for the NMSN, I am not an active member. Hard to be a member of the National Military Spouse Network when you’re not a military spouse, or any spouse for that matter. Sue Hoppin, founder of NMSN, is my cousin and asked that I speak about my social media/creative job to the spouses. I would definitely recommend using the network as a community, to make connections with people and establish relationships with people of similar situations. 

With jrroykovich at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn.